Happy Halloween!!

I'll admit, Halloween isn't one of my favorite holidays.  Mostly because of the dressing up - its not one of my favorite things to do.  Now, as a kid, I loved it!  My mom loves to tell me about how I loved this bunny costume I had - and I wore it everyday...literally.  I'd play outside with it on (in the hot Florida heat), and pretty much wore it all the time.  I know there is a picture of me somewhere in that stupid bunny costume with all the other kids in the neighborhood wearing their shorts and t-shirts.  Yes, I was that odd child.

Perhaps that scarred me in some crazy way, because now I just assume be the party pooper and not dress up.  However, I overcame my dislike this year and went to a Halloween party at a friends house.  This was my first one since college.  Of course I waited until the night before the party to find something to wear, same for Will.  I'll add that he hates dressing up even more than me.  He went easy, and was a fisherman and I figured I might as well go all out slutty and be a "Beer Stein Beauty", so the costume title said.   Maybe another reason I don't like dressing up is because I'm not creative enough to come up with a really cool idea.

So, here are a few pics from the evening:

Having a little fun!

The West Virginia Ninja & Nin-jay-da!!  You can see we ended up at the Waffle House!
 I don't enjoy dressing up, but I have no hesitation to torture my pups and make them dress up!

                       My Little Frog - Sarge                              My Bumble Bee - Stella

Last night I even wore a Pumpkin T-shirt for when the trick-or-treaters came! Unfortunately, we didn't get near the number I expected, so we are overwhelmed with candy.  The good thing is, I only buy the candy that Will and I like so we have some good stuff left over :)  The bad news is, I have no will-power and will eat every last piece of it...


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